Friday, November 03, 2006

Wedding photo's

I snagged a couple shots of the wedding - the resolution on these is really low - I've got to call the photographer to order some prints but here's one of the kids and one of me dancing with Chris - I look a little goofy but it was a special moment.

And finally, aren't both of my boys handsome?


Cathi said...

Handsome boys, and a very happy mom! I like that "goofy" photo!

Linda C said...

I wouldn't say goofy, more like he caught you in a candid moment joking with or enjoying a moment with Chris. Can't seem much of your lovely dress but that probably is in the more posed shots.

It probably doesn't seem all the long ago that your two were as small as the picture in Cathi's profile.

Darlene said...

Beautiful pictures, Mary. Goofy? Oh, you look happy! :-)

Jeanne said...

I agree -- you look happy ... and young!
Jeanne :)

Gail said...

You look like a proud and happy mom-how wonderful!

Laurie said...

GREAT PICS!!! And you look GREAT! You need to update your pic on your blog...your weight loss is very obvious!

I love the pic of you and your son can tell it was a special moment!!!


Granny said...

Yes, your boys are both very handsome! Looks like a beautiful wedding!

Judy L.

Sweet P said...

Wonderful wedding pictures. The photo of you and son dancing is great! I'm a big fan of candid pix and would rather a ton of candid shots than a book full of posed pictures.