Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can you help?

I worked all night and half of the morning too but most of the site is back up. Even with all the time spent uploading all the files again, I think it's going to be worth it as the upgrades make the site easier to manage/write.

I only have 2 more pages to redo and they're the most difficult. Did ANYONE save the files below to their computer and would you be willing to email them to me? Most of my documents are in PDF format but for some of the tutorial pages I type directly onto the page and I don't have a copy of the verbage I used to describe the photos. I can rewrite like I did several other pages but it would be easier if I had the original file. The ones I need are:


How to Tie a HeartStrings Quilt

Obviously, those are the two pages that aren't up on the site now too but I hope to get them done soon esp. because they're both frequently used.

Email me


QuiltSue said...

Oh no, I'm sorry I can't help. Thanks for spending the time getting your site back so we're not all left "Mary-less" out here in blogland!

paulette said...

I just checked by Bookmarks and Favourites. I thought for sure I saved your string quilts as I love them....but couldn't find them anywhere.....will keep looking!

Amy R said...

Does the pillowcase post start with "At the last HeartStrings sew-in, Ethel taught us how to make a pillowcase (she makes them for Operation Support for Deployed Military". . . If so, I have a word document that has text and pictures in it that may be most of if.

Evelyn said...

You can also see it in google's cache. Here's a link (sorry it's so long!)

There you go!

Bekhy said...

Yay for you rebuilding that website. Sorry to say I didn't save the pillowcases page but I love it; tried it and it worked like a charm. The new website looks lovely, and thank you for your work making all that info available. It is a great resource.