Monday, July 23, 2007

Chinese Coins

I was in the mood to work some last night but but had a hard time deciding what to do. Finally I started sewing another Chinese Coins quilt for HeartStrings. I pulled out a bunch of coins and started putting them on the design wall.

I had a set that was donated together but only enough for 6 rows of coins so I had to go back to EQ6 and play around with the sashing and borders. I'm almost finished putting the center together and the diagram below is the pattern I used; this other one will be used for the next quilt. Both instructions are on if anyone is interested in knowing the cutting measurements.

I'll also start quilting my aunt's top today - really I promise - I'll stop procrastinating!


Judy said...

Looks great! I made one similar once that I gave to my mom. Keep up the good work!

meggie said...

I will have to get moving on something quick once I get my sewing room back.