Thursday, January 05, 2006


I decided to go with the blue binding. Most of the responses I received said they would go with the blue and a few suggested a red binding. I was leaning toward using the red but I have another log cabin quilt that will be going on the other twin bed in this room and I don't have enough red to do the border and binding on both of them.

I don't need them to be exactly the same but I don't have another red in my stash that will work so in the interest of using what I have rather than going out and buying another red I'm going to use the blue.

Thanks for the input.


cher said...

I think you will be happy with your decision and shopping your stash instead is great! Cher

The Calico Cat said...

no prob....
now you can use the red on the other.
BTW I decided to do my I Spy quilts twin sized and twice so that I can have them be "similar but different."