Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jeanne's Mystery Quilt

I just finished a similar quilt in December for my future daughter-in-law. It's a half log cabin block but I've seen the pattern sold as a Bento Box Quilt. I must be stuck on log cabin quilts, this is my 3rd variation in the last several months.

Jeanne's Mystery Quilt looks different than my scrap version. I think hers has a more graphic look and she's right that it goes together really quickly.


Laurie Ann said...

Bento box, huh? I have that pattern. I like both yours and hers, but they are very different. I think just the two colors add a different "twist" versus the multiple. I like seeing how different two quilts of the same pattern can look.

Jeanne said...

Mary, it AMAZES me that your quilt and mine look so different! It's all in the color, huh? I like yours lots better than mine!