Sunday, January 08, 2006

Quilting progress

In spite of all the posts about books and knitting I'm still a quilter and am making progress on the twin log cabin quilts for the Condo.

I'm having to grab quilting time here and there because with Keith gone for 2 weeks if I'm not sitting with Chesty, he has to be in his crate. So I sit with him a while and read, crochet, knit, or work on the computer and then crate him a little while to work on quilting.

First, let me say that I HATE working on two similar (almost matching) quilts at the same time. I would put the second one aside for a while but I'm eager to replace the ugly comforters on the beds with quilts.

So as of yesterday, I have the binding machine stitched on the first quilt, the borders are on the second quilt and the backing is 1/2 pieced. Today my goal will be to finish piecing the back and load the second quilt on the longarm.

I just calculated that I will bust 19 yards on these two UFO's (borders, bindings, and backings) for the 100 yard dash on Stashbusters.


JudyL said...

Good for you! I wish I'd been keeping up with the number of yards I've used. Think I'll start doing that.

How much longer does Chesty have to be immobile?


Laurie said...

That 19 yards is a lot! I don't even want to KNOW how much I use! LOL

The Calico Cat said...

I hear ya about the working on two similar quilts at the same time.... I have decided to do this - but in reality mine will be more like 4 similar quilts.... At least mine are I Spy - so that I can have something to look at!