Saturday, January 14, 2006

What I'm reading

On the RunIris Johansen

This Mystery/romance story was an entertaining and easy read.

Laura: America's First Lady, First Mother Antonia Felix

Another $0.99 bargain book - not a hard hitting biography but mildly interesting. I hadn't realized that she had been involved in an accident at 17, running a stop sign and killing the 17 year old driver of the other car. It's hard to imagine having to live with that.

I think one my worst fears when my sons were new drivers was that they'd injure or kill - not themselves - but someone else.


Laurie said...

WOW...I didn't know that about Laura Bush either. That also is my worst fear for myself and my family.

The Calico Cat said...

That is one of the reasons why the Bush's are "dry", "tee-totalers", basically don't drink.....

We are having a Dry wedding reception, but we are not tee-totalers.... (It will be a noon wedding, noone needs to drink during lunch especailly with 90% of them driving afterwards & 80% not needing the "courage" to act or to talk foolishly....) Sorry, I have had to explain that a few times....