Thursday, July 27, 2006

Laura's quilt

Today I'm loading and quilting the top Mom made for Laura (my youngest sister's daughter) who is heading off to Virginia Tech this fall. I'm just going to do a simple all over meander on it - quick and easy!

The color in the picture is a little off - It's maroon and 2 shades of orange. The lighter one looks yellow in the picture but it's orange.

It's a McCall's pattern but I couldn't find the magazine with the quilt in it so I worked it up in EQ5.


Linda_J said...

still pretty even with the colors, not quite right. Must be Laura's initials down in the bottom--cool!

Screen Door said...

I love the quilt...She'll be all set for school. My son is heading for Ferris State this fall... I don't think he'd think of it as a cool gift, but I'm kicking it around.


Karen said...

Nice school quilt with the initials in the center. I've been trying to think of a quilt for my son for when he leaves next year and this initial thing might fill the bill.

The Calico Cat said...

I remember that quilt. I even printed out the alphabet - free online - for future use. :o)

Nice job on the quilt, love the initials in the corner.

JudyL said...

How many quilts does your mom make? I love everything she does and your quilting is always great!!

Judy L.