Monday, September 25, 2006

Nancy's Nine Patch

I finally started quilting my Aunt's nine patch that I've been putting off. I usually quilt several tops for her each year and this is the last one I've got waiting to do for her. I got it loaded over a week ago but I wanted to piece my Autumn quilt so I hadn't started the quilting yet.

I also cut the fabric for the borders on the Autumn quilt. JudyL suggested purple but I don't have a shade that will work. I do have a pretty autumn red with leaves that I'll use and in between a narrow inner and a wide outer border of the red fabric, I'm going to piece a scrappy gold one with leftovers from my fat quarters.

I was out running errands this afternoon and decided to go to the yarn store. I wanted to buy more yarn to make a matching scarf for the blue/green hat I made the other day. I ended up buying yarn for a shawl, a hat, and the scarf.

I just donated two boxes of yarn that I wanted to get rid of before my move and I need to make sure I don't buy more yarn than I'm actually going to use. I also shipped off two hats and a scarf to my Mom. The blue hat is not nearly that bright in person - the camera flash is to blame I guess.


Norma said...

I love the design you are quilting on the nine patch in the alternating blocks. Is that freehand?

Nice job of the hats and scarf. Like you, I donated a bunch of yarn that I had not used. I am resisting buying more.

Linda_J said...

The quilting looks terrific on the quilt, Mary. Your aunt will be thrilled with it!

I bet you found a great home for your yarn and that will be one less thing to worry about transporting before long.

And great choice on the dress--as you said, a fall wedding--in just a couple weeks now, right?

You might look into a Janome Jem for your small machine to keep in MN till relocation time?

Susan H. said...

Just now getting to catch up on blogs. Your autumn quilt blocks are eyecatching. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Cynthia said...

can't wait to see your Autumn quilt with borders on.
By the way, the dress you are wearing for wedding is lovely. Hope you'll post a photo of you wearing it.

Hanne said...

You are really productive Mary :-) The quilting on the 9 patch is cute. The hats looks nice.
The wedding outfit is beautiful. Will we see a photo of you wearing it ?

Samantha said...

the quilting looks wonderful, and so do your hats!

cher said...

fantastic quilting Mary!

Bonnie said...

Your quilting is outstanding!

Jan Mac said...

I love your wedding outfit and also the quilting on your new quilt.

katelnorth said...

So, how are you going to quilt the actual nine-patches? The feather wreaths look nice in the alternate blocks...I can't do balanced feathers to save my life!

Laurie said...

Love the quilting!!! It's perfect! The dress for the wedding is AWESOME!!! Who is getting married? And where in MN are you moving to? That is my home state! I miss it! GREAT quilt stores there as well!!!

Susan said...

Beautiful quilting on the 9-patch. I've really missed seeing all these projects, since I haven't had WiFi unless I drove someplace to get it.