Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My oldest UFO (I think)

This rather ugly rail fence was made in the first months after I started quilting. I got the blocks together and realized it wasn't large enough and I didn't like it very much so I picked another pattern and made the homespun quilt shown below which turned out much better. This top has sat in my UFO pile for 6 years and I'm determined to finish it and get it out of my house.

I decided some applique - a bear and trees - might make it cuter for a little boy and make it appropriate to donate. Since I've been wanting to try some raw edge applique work on the longarm after I fuse these down, I'm going to stitch around them with the longarm and then do a quick pantograph over the entire quilt. The same bear and trees are repeated at the bottom right edge of the quilt. It won't be pretty but it will be done!


Sweet P said...

I like the bears and trees - very Minnesotan.

Julie said...

I think it looks cute. The applique really does "dress it up".

Vicki W said...

The appliqué is a really nice touch!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

The applique really adds alot - great way to "save" a quilt and make it kid friendly too!



Tazzie said...

How wonderful to get a real oldie out of the UFO pile. The applique looks wonderful, it will definitely make someone so happy!

KCQuilter said...

Wow, what a difference the applique makes on your rail fence quilt!!! I did that on a turning twenty quilt once and was so glad I did--really perks 'em up! Love your star quilt too.

Passionate Quilter said...

what a great idea to do with an old UFO--it's funny, the rail fence was my first quilt too--and hated it, but I did get it done.

Anonymous said...


I just did the same thing with a rail fence and some applique. I won a quilt kit off of ebay that is country red, beige and blue (very patriotic looking) and put together it looked blah. Then I remembered an earlier project involving appliqued stars. Rather than put the remaining "star" fabric in the stash, I went ahead and cut out as many stars as I could and then put them aside.

I pulled them out and starting placing them randomly throughout the top. I like it much better this way!

Diannia in Iowa
(heading to Burnsville MN this weekend to see my brother and family)

Helen in the UK said...

The bear and tree additions will make it perfect for a donation quilt :)