Monday, April 23, 2007

Grand Rounds

I'm trying to get back into a walking routine. Keith and I have been walking some at the nearby park and yesterday we did a 5 mile walk. Although I walk just about everywhere I'm not even close to logging the kind of miles I was last year training for the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk. As a result (and thanks to too many dinners out!) I've been regaining the weight I lost last year.

Today I got up early and finished up Mom's quilt except for the side borders ( I have to trim and reload it on the longarm) and then took off for a 12 mile walk.

I love the pathways along the Mississippi River.


deputyswife said...

Just wait til Fall, you are gonna really love it then!

joyce said...

Wow! I was already impressed with your 5 mile walk!