Sunday, May 27, 2007

This week's goals

We're back from Mankato - it wasn't a very exciting place and I have to say I'm glad that Keith's company moved here to Minneapolis rather than there (they have a plant there too)!

The 30's Roman Stripes quilt is bound, labeled, and freshly laundered and ready to ship off to Pam a fellow HeartStrings member to donate.

Goals for this week are:
Stitch down the binding on another HeartStrings quilt
Load and quilt a top for my Aunt Dot
Start piecing another string quilt - this one is another UFO that I've had leftover strips cut and set aside from a quilt I made for Adam a couple years ago.


Carol E. said...

Well, if you had any Mankato readers you have now lost them. haha! (However, I agree with your sentiment.)

Susan said...

Glad you had a chance to work a little on your trip. BTW, I love that spiderweb quilt you did. It has such movement!