Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's a wonderful day in Minneapolis

It's sunny, breezy and cool, Chesty and I just got back from a walk in the park, AND Keith gets home late this afternoon from Denmark!

I finished the binding on my HeartStrings Rectangle Strings quilt last night - you've seen photos before but this is the final one. It's in the dryer now and will be ready to donate when needed.

I also pieced the Lizard Strippie top last night - it might not look like it but these are very cute when quilted and make great donation quilts. I like to practice my border quilting in them and I'm going to look through the Frameworks book by Diana Philips that I bought at MQS to see if there's one in there for this top. There's an instruction sheet on MaryQuilts.com called Quick Strippie.


deputyswife said...

I often wonder if you have a quilt cheering sections sitting off of your balcony.

I know if I was your neighbor, I would be sitting on my balcony eagerly awaiting the next creation! LOL!

Jen in KS said...

The string quilt turned out cheerful, Mary. String quilts are probably my favorite kind to make...and I have so much raw material in reserve for them!

Thanks for sharing the Heartstrings link, too.

patti in florida said...

mary, i love them both. the lixzards are so striking. thanks for sharing. and now you will rest a while and visit with keith, right? hehe chesty looks happy in the park. he'll probably be glad when keith is home also.

Pam said...

Yep! That purple heartstrings is one of my favorite heartstrings yet!


Deb said...

Chesty is so cute! The quilts look good too.

Cheryl said...

Your Heartstrings came out beautifully! I love the colors and border! The Lizard strippie is cute. I like using the strippies to work on my handstitching during the winter months.

Lisa said...

I love the Heartstrings quilt. It's so vibrant. I often think that other people have much nicer scraps than I do and so their scrap quilts turn out better :o) I think it's just that other people's scraps are fresh.