Friday, November 23, 2007

A 3rd HeartStrings top and more swirls quilting

I quickly quilted freehand swirls on this 3rd donated top this morning. I'll start working on binding the 5 finished HeartStrings quilts I've quilted over the last couple weeks. I also need to assemble my July QFAH blocks - are you all tired of hearing me talk about that quilt?

Keith and I plan on going for a walk later - it's fairly cold today - 31 degrees right now but it was COLDER last night when we walked 1.5 mile to AND from dinner when it was 18 degrees. Kind of a shock to my system since were were just canoeing in GA a few days ago.


Ruth's Place said...

The heartstring quilts are wonderful. I love your swirls too.

Sewbaby said...


I believe the cold is is now cold in the South, too! It was 29 here last night. Brrr! But I love it!


Lisa said...

I love the swirls on this one. I always find picking the quilting pattern to be a challenge. Good job.

tirane93 said...

wow! you are just steaming through those quilts. atta girl!

Deb said...

The swirls look great! It cooled down here too...only got to 79 today.