Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Am I getting sick just in time for Christmas?

Keith, Deb, Mom, and other family members all came home from our reunion sick...I think Keith has finally shared his with me just in time for Christmas.

Not much accomplished today since I'm not feeling well but I did finish up some of the Christmas tree postcards I was making yesterday. Here's the one I made for my journal project. I love the crystals - thanks again Vicki!


Linda said...

Hi Mary! I have been a lurker on your blog for some time. I am also an RN. Seems like nurses like to quilt. Anyway, I have a suggestion for your illnesses. We have had good success with an herbal treatment called Oscillococcinum (or Osccillo for short). It is available at our local Walmart and also Safeway, but I don't know if you have Safeway. It is a little expensive, but has worked well for us. Cheaper than a trip to the Dr.
and better than being sick over the holidays.

Good Luck!!

Laurie said...

oh mary, i hope you feel better soon...kick it in the butt girl! this is no time to be sick...

Laurie said...

oops...forgot to mention that I just LOVE the postcard!

meggie said...

Very sweet tree, twinkling with crystals.
I hope you are not sick!!
Sending cyber chicken soup & health vibes.
Hugs XX

Cheryl said...

Sorry you are sick. It is certainly going around. The postcard is so pretty! Love the crystals.

pamina said...

Your Christmas cars are very vrey nice ! I hope that you will feel better very soon ! Happy Christmas to you and your family !

Dorothee said...

Love the little trees, I think I may copy them next year ;-)

May I also ask a favour, please? I love your ice cream quilt and am wondering whether you can do an "areal view" of it so that I can see the design a bit better ..., please. I plan on making another quilt for my god daughter and this would be a nice and easy pattern.

ruthsplace said...

The little trees look wonderful, and the crystals set them off beautifully. Hope you feel better soon.