Friday, March 21, 2008

Winter's last gasp?

Maybe it's still a novelty for us - after all this is just our second winter in Minneapolis, but we love it. I know everyone is tired of the snow and cold but we had a wonderful day. First we walked to brunch and then took a long walk down by the river.

One of our favorite pubs, Brit's put their chairs and tables out this week in anticipation of spring - a little early I'd say!

You know we had to have a snowball fight. He tried to hit me several times while I was taking pictures but he missed!

We walked part of the Grand Rounds by the river (near the new Townhouse).

I love walking along the Mississippi River - once we move we'll be just steps from it.


Vicki W said...

I like winter too. It's very pretty there! It's allergy season here so I'm back in prison doing enforced sewing!

Jeanne said...

I must admit the pictures are pretty and I'm glad you were able to enjoy a walk and snowball fight. Does Chesty like the snow, too?

JudyL said...

The snow is beautiful! I'm kinda hoping it's over for us but I'll be looking forward to it again in six or eight months.

Marianne said...

You need to get rid of the second comment from "Kazilar" It contains viruses, do NOT click on the"here" or "here" that the commenter wants you to!!!

Deb said...

Glad you're having fun....better you than me though.

Tazzie said...

Such beautiful pictures Mary, thank you for sharing.

Denise (Nour) said...

I really miss the snow and winter - thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

Joanne said...

You take such beautiful pictures -- it makes me want to come up there and walk in the snow with you .... and I hate snow -- we also got that snow down here yesterday and I would rather be walking in the newly greened grass!