Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I leave early tomorrow for VA and then on to MQS on Tuesday. I won't be home again until Friday night (the 16th). I'm not taking my laptop but I may (or may not) post when I'm at Mom's.

I know I shouldn't focus on the negative but I'm a little frustrated - most of the boxes are unpacked but I'm still having trouble finding fabric sheets for labels, power cords for my electronics, my photo paper....... I'd been searching for the battery charger for my camera for a couple days and only found it today when I was searching for my backup charger for the Kindle to pack for my trip. Everything just takes longer because I have to stop and think (or try to remember) where things are.

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Jeanne said...

Have a great trip, Mary. You'll get everything straightened out when you get back.

Clare said...

I hate feeling unorganised and unable to find anything, but in this house I can but dream!!!

Have a great weekend.

tirane93 said...

a week away will do you good. make thorough memories for those of us who can't attend MQS. we'll want to know all about it when you get back!

Yvonne said...

Have a wonderful trip! You'll find everything when you get home. Have a great time at MQS!!!

Pam said...

During the Great MCM Makeover I put all my cords (printer, chargers and etc) right where I knew I could find them when I needed them. Then promptly forgot what I did with them. Finally found them in a bag on the ironing board...a bag I had seen a dozen times while looking for those blasted cords! By the time I found them I had gone beyond the frustrated emotions, the only thing I could do was laugh!

Enjoy your trip!!


Anonymous said...

I think the not being able to find things goes with movong. I still have a tough time finding things and I moved 2.5 years ago. I can tell you exactly where something is in the old house but in the new one I have to go searching!!

Enjoy your trip.

Karen L

meggie said...

Moving has it's very own set of trials. You will settle in.
I understand Mother's Day is the same date as ours, 11th May, so I wish you a Happy Mother's Day Mary, & hope you enjoy your trip.

meggie said...

I have just been reading all the posts I missed while away, & was sad to see Chesty had been sick. I trust he is better now, & back to his old self. Hugs, XX

Quilt Memories said...

Hi Mary, I see you are from Minneapolis, DH and I will be in your area( Check out my blog to see what we do) next week. If we are close to you would love for you to come by and us meet.
Wed...Elk River Wal Mart
Thurs..Shakopee Lowe's
Fri... Maplewood Home Depot
All above are from 3-8 pm
Sat...West St. Paul LOwe's
Sun...Bloomington Home Depot
Both times are from 8-4
Times are subject to change according to weather, don't usually work in the rain unless they will put us inside.
Would love to meet you, Bobbin aka J
PS... more detailed schedule on my blog

Jacquie said...

Have a great trip. Glad you are coming to the KC area! Welcome!