Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday progress report

I only had a few days to work this week before heading to Toronto but I made some progress - the Double 4 Patch is finished and I'll add the yardage used to my sidebar but I also had a birthday shopping spree to replenish some of my basics.

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Yvonne said...

Sorry I missed your birthday Mary....hope it was a happy one!

QuiltingNanny said...

Nice shopping Mary.

I stumbled onto Dryel spray starch alternative at Wally's ... I love it and it's is so cheap.

Randi said...

I think we should always get a little fabric, or thread, or something quilty for our birthdays!

Carol E. said...

I love that purple!

Laurie said...

are you home now? your trip sounded like heaven! i'm looking forward to a week alone with dh in palm desert, ca next week!