Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday progress report

This was a good week!
  • I quilted 2 Heartstrings donated tops and finished the binding on one - the other is ready to bind.
  • I pieced two backings from stash for tops waiting for quilting.
  • I pieced my RWB rails from stash - the top is almost assembled.
  • I have one of my Quick Strippie Quilts loaded and ready to quilt with a backing from stash.
  • I purchased NO fabric this week.
  • Oops I forgot I ordered fabric from Pam at Real Women Quilt which arrived today (Monday) 3 different fabrics 2 yards each. Pam's having an Inventory Reduction sale so check it out - not that I'm encouraging you all to buy fabric!

Keith will be gone from for a week and a half except for Wednesday night so I'll have lots of time to work but then I have a trip to Florida coming up the last week of June and a trip to Virginia the first week of July so I need to get a lot done.

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Lynne in Hawaii said...

Woo Hoo! Look at you go! That is a very good report.

Fiesta said...

congrats mary. You had a super productive week.

Vicki W said...

Yeah! Good for you! When you are in Virginia you should come up for a fabric dyeing play date.

Randi said...

Woohoo! Another good report! Go Mary!

Jeanne said...

That was a very productive week for you! Love the new picture of you, too.

Diane said...

Mary you are my inspiration!