Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm home

My flight from VA was early but I'm home and Keith and I are relaxing listening to music while I catch up on email and my blogs.

While I was gone Wendy posted this quilt made from my RWB Wonky Rails instructions - she plans to donate it to American Hero Quilts and I like it even better than the one I made.

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royce said...

Just found your blog while looking at all the other TN quilt bloggers. I just love your banner. Also like your blog a lot, will be back often. I'm new at both blogging and quilting and loving both.

meggie said...

I will bet Chesty was happy to see you home!
Love that fish quilt...hmmmmn.

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound ... just in time for that big convention in your town! YIKES!! Imagine it will upset traffic and travel a bit. LOVED the RWB Wonky Rails ... nice job, Wendy! Enjoy a glass of wine, catch up on those e-mails and have a GREAT Labor Day break!

MissyMoo84 said...

You've been tagged!! Check out my blog :)

Cher said...

welcome home Mary and I know Keith and Chesty are thrilled to have you back-great Mom quilts