Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weight-loss Wednesday

The actual weight numbers have been eliminated since I'm only comfortable sharing pounds up or down but as you can see - I'm not really making a tremendous amount of progress here.

  • Lost 1.2 lbs this week so I'm back where I was before the two weeks I gained while out of town. Total loss is 7.4 lbs
  • I managed to meet my exercise minimum.....just
  • Failed to drink 64 oz of water each day - need to do better.
How did you do this week?

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Patti said...

I just posted. Not so hot - but it's the first week I didn't lose. My gain was .8 of one pound - not too bad I guess. I know I fell off plan last week and stopped journaling from Friday on, so I know just what to do to once again right my ship.

Now, if I could just remember to drink my water! That's where I really fall down.

Darcie said...

When I sometimes get bored with water, I buy a lemon...cut it up...and have it ready to squeeze into my drinking bottle. Kind of a fun refresher.

jacquie said...

i need to do better on the water thing as well. i'm doing pretty good on the exercise this week, but the pounds just stay the same...i have lost inches though.