Sunday, October 26, 2008


I have more to blog later but we're having flurries and I needed to share! Can you see them in the photo below? Click on it to enlarge!

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Marianne said...

Only someone who doesn't have to drive in it could possibly be this excited about the evil white stuff! LOL! I used to live up north for many years (5 in Buffalo, NY) and I don't miss it, except at Christmas. Enjoy your flurries!

Julia said...

We had our first snow storm 2 weeks ago. It was so pretty for a day, Ethan even went out and built a couple of snow men. I LOVE it!!! Of course, it was gone by the next morning.

Anonymous said...

We have a little snow here in Alaska but it's been cold and the sun it out and beautiful. Enjoy the snow!!!
Diane in Alaska

Bonnie said...

The weather people keep talking about snow flurries here in the Poconos but I haven't seen any. I figure since we've moved up here we will get the worst snow in years this winter. It seems every time I move we get the worse ______ (fill in the blank) for several years. But, as long as I have enough food, toilet paper and the heat stays on I'm a happy camper. And, it is a great time to quilt. Keep warm. Bonnie