Friday, October 10, 2008

A virtual quilt show - Quilt 7

My favorite quick donation quilt - designed in EQ and probably the instructions most frequently downloaded from my site.

I was thrilled to get this recent email from Crystal.

"I am attaching a picture of the quilts that the young girls made showing the ribbons that they won. In total the girls have made 20 quilts using your pattern. Several went to Project Linus, many went to a pediatric cancer doctor that treated one of the girls. He likes to give the quilts to kids that need an extra hug. A few have gone to children in our small church that were in need. The girls have really enjoyed making the quilts and your pattern was very easy for them to make with the sewing skills that we have been working on. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern with us. Many people have been blessed."

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Sunny said...

That is stunning in its simplicity and the fabrics you used. I love it. Your second picture is not showing. Broken link I believe.

Stephanie D. said...

I like that one, too--very colorful.

Nope, I can't see the second one, either.

cindyquiltsOR said...

Hmmm ... I see both. The colorful geckos/lizards are so sweet!

Crystal's comment sure is heart warming ...

Keep up the good work!

Tanya said...

I've been enjoying your virtual quilt show!