Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just a reminder

Have a question? Want an answer? Enable your email address in blogger or leave your email address in your comment.

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Anonymous said...

Wow ... justing from the time on your post, Mary ... you're a night owl again! LOVE the new Christmas header and glad Chesty is in the picture again. Your blog is one of my first stops each morning with my morning tea ... keep 'em coming! Flatlander (Linda)

Bonnie said...

I like the new banner. Of course, I loved the banner on your deck.

Now the big question: This says you posted at 4:27 am? Tell me it's not true? I've noticed that the time doesn't seem very reliable.

I like the Wonky Flowers. I'll have to ask my long armer if she has that pattern. Happy Quilting... Bonnie

Paula said...

I wish everyone would heed your advice!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Since finding your blog-I love reading about you and what you're working on. Minnesota is so very different from Arizona. I'm a big fan of your quilting, you do beautiful work. May I ask how you got started using a LA? I do a lot of hand-quilting and some quilting on my home machine. Don't accomplish as much as you. Have family and lots of housework. Someday there'll be more free-time?!
Thank you for posting everyday, you are a great inspiration!

PurpleQuilterQueen said...

Love the new header and background! Very Christmas Cheery! Jennifer