Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'd intended to make some more happy blocks today but decided to play with postcards instead. I'd was going to make a snowflake for my January card to exchange with family and one of my cousin's daughters wanted to know how to do beading on postcards so I took some time to photograph my steps.

I won't share all the photos here but here's the card in progress. I might make several if I can find different designs I like.

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that will be lovely when it's done!
thanks for keeping me connected to the MPLS skyline. Missing my friends & family, but not the snow plows...
Merry Christmas, Mary.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is just going to be gorgeous!! Hmmm .. if you do decide to upload your pics for beading i would be interested :D Never done it before and I wouldn't mind trying one or two but really have no clue on where to start ..


Chris said...

Merry Christmas Mary. Chesty looks so cute in your blog header.