Saturday, December 06, 2008

It's starting to feel like Christmas

My *hated* task of the day was grocery shopping and my Journal page for today is below.
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Christmas music playing, a fire burning, some baking, with the tree brought in from the deck plus a few decorations and it's beginning to feel like Christmas around here.

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crazierinreallife said...

great job journaling for this difficult page.

Latharia said...

Oh, what a roller coaster of a Christmas ... I think I'd be moved to tears every year, too! :( I am glad you are able to find some kind of balance ... and your home scenes look beautifully festive!

craftycherry said...

Love your page. I love scrapping and if I was obsessed with quilts it would be the obbseession for me. Now I do when I can and I love finding inspiration from pages like yours! Im just binding the stars and stripes quilt from you site that has been sitting as a top awaiting patiently its turn. I hope youll drop on by in a few days when i (should) have it finished and photos posted.
Happy and hot in a summer christmas \Cherry

Morah said...

I so like the idea of a "hated task" of the day that I am going to add it to my life! Thanks for the great idea

Julia said...

What a bittersweet Christmas for you. (((hugs)))

I love your little tree in the house. So festive and cute! Perfect!

What were you making in the kitchen? I haven't made anything Christmasy yet. My family is not much into sweets, so I end up eating it all. ARGH! I do want to make some divinity though. It is my favorite! :~)

Laurie said...

Mary...this is my favorite journal page so far. HUGS for you!

JuJu said...

Mary, I understand your struggle during the holidays ... we lost our oldest, Angie, on 12/23/99... It's difficult to have holiday cheer, but yet, you want to honor and remember those who have gone before ... and still enjoy family here on earth. Keep smiling.
Julia, NE

Sew Create It - Jane said...

(((hugs))) I lost my Dad on December 10th 5 years this year and I still cry and wish he was still here. I don't know that it ever gets easier.
I'll be thinking about you...