Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun things in my mail today

We've been chatting on HeartStrings about the Mid Atlantic Quilt show, we don't have plans to meet up but there will be several of us there and we talked about how we might recognize each other.

Today, I opened my mail and found the cutest pin from Sue (one of our coordinators) for me to wear at the quilt show. I love -- it looks big in this photo but it's just the right size -- not too big to be overwhelming but just large enough to be noticeable.
I also received the marking pencil and fat quarters I ordered from Suzanne's shop last week when I signed up for Deb's class -- and look, she wrote a note that she pulled ones with printed selvages for me. That's what I call personal service!

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Dianne said...

Oh, Lucky Ducky Mary! The badge is really cute. I'm going to Stitches West in Santa Clara next weekend, and forgot to order a Ravelry badge to wear there. After seeing the colorful one you got, I realize I could have faked something if I'd had my sewing machine up here.

And the fabrics you ordered for the class are simply wonderful. As for the marking pen, do tell all...I'm always looking for a marking pen that actually works. Is this to mark quilting lines or what?

Nanci said...

Isn't that so creative? It must be small.
very very cute though, and wear it with pride.

Elena said...

That IS great service--a shop that makes sure your selvages have the printed edge on them!! Lucky you! (I'm going to have to start making that request when I order FQ!)

Sue H said...

I'm curious about your class. Have you taken on-line quilting classes before? Very intriguing!!!

BrendaLou said...

Mary--Suzanne is a friend of mine! She and 9 other shop owners and I are in a small marketing association. She's got a great shop. Thanks for supporting her.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see this..great!!!

I like this blog..

Thanks for sharing...