Tuesday, March 10, 2009

# 1 of 10 quilted

It's snowing today and I want to go out and play but I'm being a good girl and working my way through my to do list.

#1 of 10 tops is quilted. This one is from San (Gypsy Quilter) and is intended for Alycia's QOV project. I have one more to quilt and then I'll have 3 to send her before her deadline at the end of April.
It's a busy string quilt so I picked up the stars in the border and and just did an easy allover pattern of stars and loops. You'll see a photo of the entire quilt once it's bound.

I used my Chicago mug for my tea this morning. I collect mugs from places I visit and then the memories of my trips stay with me each day as I choose a mug to use. I bought this one because it has the Hancock building and the Ferris Wheel as well as a view of the skyline we saw from the Planetarium.
I'm also making progress on washing finished quilts, there are two done and now I'll load the next top for quilting.

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YankeeQuilter said...

So busy and so productive...

karenfae said...

I see I am not alone in collecting mugs - I keep telling myself not to get anymore and somehow one always follows me home from most trips.

GailM. said...

Now that is such a nice momento. Why didn't I think of that?

jan said...

Hi Mary,
On a similar vein, I collect tea towels, [drying up cloths] no dishwasher in this house, apart from humans!! It makes the job of drying the dishes very enjoyable though.
janet in uk
How is Chesty??

Ruth's Place said...

That's a very cool mug. We collect fridge magnets, and since the kidlet has come along she gets a T-shirt from wherever Mummy and Daddy have been.

Darcie said...

The stars/loops are always a good quilting treatment! Especially for QOV.

That's a great collection to have. I love this mug's shape...black/white scheme...and that font that "Chicago" is in is very cool!

Stay warm! We're at -11 F this morning! Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Really amazing photos..

Thanks for sharing....
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