Friday, April 17, 2009


It arrived while we were gone. It's 65 and Keith suggested lunch
downtown - outside!


Cathy said...

I love downtown Minneapolis. Would love to live there.

Char said...

Looks like it is georgeous in MN as it is in Cincinnati (Northern KY) as well. Loved your pictures from Ireland - I always try to find mysteries to read with a location there - it appears to be beautiful. Looked like you had to wear your coats outdoors - still cold there? Did it smell like heather? How did Chesty take to the kennel release? Did he pout at you guys? Welcome home!

jan said...

I wish it would hurry up here. It is so ccccold today.

Darcie said...

That photo is very *Minneapolis!* Is that down on Nicolett (sp)?

Enjoy the weekend, Mary! Good to have you home. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see this..

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