Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The design wall has been reassembled

Before getting back to work on Adam's quilt -- I decided to play with my I Spy tumbler quilt. My friend Cecile send me a BUNCH of novelty fabrics leftover from kid's quilts she'd made and I'd started cutting tumblers a couple weeks ago.

After assembling the design wall, I cut some more and arranged the blocks. This quilt looks SO much better in person than in this photo - I was worried about the tumblers being too big but they're perfect.

They're ready to sew but first, Chesty has a vet appointment.

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ForestJane said...

I'm just anal enough to stand there for hours and swap them around so none of the turquoise touch, none of the orange touch, etc. :D

Hope Chesty's ok!

Julia said...

What a cute quilt this is going to be. I love tumblers!

Judy Laquidara said...

Those tumblers may be what causes me to get the Go Cutter. Love your quilt.

Dianne B. in England said...

I've been looking forward to seeing those tumblers again. What an adorable quilt that will be! You have a great eye for colours. :-)

YankeeQuilter said...

Very fun! A nice change for the I spy quilts. Love the turquoise.

Hope Chesty is OK? I have to get my trio to the vet for their annuals in the next couple of weeks.

Cecile said...

Whew! I am so glad I sent that fabric to you. For those of you who have not played with tumblers: The first comment was so right: You do spend time looking and moving things around. One book I read said to try weighting the blocks, so the lightest are toward the top, mediums are generally in the middle, dark fabrics to the bottom. I did one like that (though not really rigid) and it worked pretty well. But I did another all in brights, similar to this one by Mary, and that looked good, too. Mary: What is the length of the top and the bottom (I know the size from top to bottom is 6.5 inches... right?)
GREAT job. Thanks for accepting the mission! :)

Deb said...

Yea, following up to previous question, that's what I was wondering ~ the size of the tumbler~ height? width? I just picked up a couple of tumber acrylic templates at the Rosemont/Chicago Quilt Show. Am anxious to start cutting! Maybe I should've asked for the Go Cutter for my birthday!! Maybe it's not too late~ I'm going to look into that!!! Your quilt looks GREAT! Lot's of FUN stuff in there!

*karendianne. said...


Love it! What more can I say? Well, except I hope Chesty does well at the vet. Don't forget to let us know how it goes.

Ruth's Place said...

They are adorable! I hope Chesty's appointment goes well.

Sheree said...

cute, cute, CUTE!!!!!! Love it, Mary.

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