Sunday, June 28, 2009

Did I mention

that one of the reasons for this trip was a dinner with friends from high school. I hate to actually call it a 30 year reunion because it makes me sound old but I had a great time seeing friends I hadn't seen in years.

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bettyp said...

Nice looking group !! Are you in the picture Mary??
Hope you had a great time .

Sundae Quilter said...

Oh lord!! If you graduated in '79........ and this is your 30th; that means mine is NEXT year..... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

By the way, you all look really good. It is always nice to see friends together no matter how long it has been.


jan said...

Think I spot you Mary, black and white dress second from left second row!!!! Heaven help me if I'm wrong I know. :-)
Hope you had a really great time with all your young pals. Jan in uk

onlymehere said...

I'm out 31 years!!

Lisa said...

And I realize this year has been 25 years since I graduated high school... how is that even possible?! I've gone to no reunions but have recently met a couple of classmates on Facebook which has been fun!

mauirizarry said...

30th. oh my I'm in my 41...LOL,Never thought it possible. Remember what we thought when someone said they were going to their 25 or 30 "Boy are they OLD"..LOL Look at us now...But we are not OLD we are well preserved :)

mauirizarry said...

Yea I see you also Mary...looking good and I love black and white. I also like Heather Fish never been to one reunion cause I was always to far. Now I'm also finding ppl on facebook.

QuiltSue said...

Glad you enjoyed it Mary. It must be quite fun, but in a scary sort of way, to meet up with old schoolfriends like that.

Unknown said...

Oh, I remember my last reunion...My daughter and I both went to same highschool...and she met my school chums who couldn't get over how alike we were.
And the stories of "remember when"

bingo~bonnie said...

oh wow look at all the B/W fabrics in the photo... even on the guys ;) Did you all plan that? LOL

Hope you had a great time. Love from KY while here for the 4th ;)


Anonymous said...

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