Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bindings made and stitched on

Not one but three bindings made and stitched on - - of course, they're just kids/lap size quilts but you're still impressed right?

More of the green stripe binding being used here on Deborah's top -- I just love quilting tops from her, they're always so cute.

A little break from sewing is need so I'm going to do a little computer work before heading downstairs for some quilting. 2:15AM and still going strong!


QuiltSue said...

Any minute now you're going to start making me feel guilty about the 3 unbound quilts I have waiting for me.

Lindsey said...

Love that new pic! Contrats on your finishes!

bettyp said...

Do you Sleep any???
Do you stitch the binding by hand or machine ??

Deborah said...

The binding is perfect, as is the quilting!!!

Tazzie said...

You are living the life Mary! I'm much more alert at night time, so would love to be on your time clock. However, the kids like me to be awake in the day, so it's not to be ... at least for the next 10 years anyways.
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Remind me again what width you cut your bindings? And you don't do them on the bias do you? Jenn