Thursday, March 09, 2006

Walking the Freedom Trail

Most of my day today was spent along the Freedom Trail in Boston. I did NOT go in each site along the trail, my main goal was to walk the Trail and back to the water taxi location to return to my hotel. I did however go into the Paul Revere house and I admit into a Borders I came across while walking. I'm sure that won't surprise those who have been reading my blog and know that reading is a favorite activity for me. I'm feeling a little guilty for making time for the book store while passing up going into some of the sites that make up the Trail but I'd do it again so I guess I'm not too guilty.

After taking a water taxi to Long Wharf I took my first ride on the T. I wanted to visit Trinity Church and go by the Hard Rock Cafe (to pick up a T-shirt for Adam - he collects them) before starting my walk. After picking up the T-shirt, I walked to Boston Commons and began walking.

Tomorrow we head for home.


Samantha said...

Oh, Mary, you're making me homseick... I hope you are having an absolutely wonerful time! and, NO guilt for the bookstore- it's your time to spend how you enjoy... If you get to Cambridge, there are some amazing bookstores in Harvard Square.

Laurie Ann said...

Sounds like fun! Too bad you didn't run across any quilt stores along the way!

The Calico Cat said...

I was going to mention that... (I had fun in Boston, plenty to do & I like History) But blogger was bad yesterday!

cher said...

sounds like a great day to me-and book stores are right up there with quilt shops in my opinion!