Sunday, June 10, 2007

Progress report

I had 5 bullet points on my list for today and I've checked off 3 of them and am getting ready to sit down with the 4th and work on a binding while I watch a little TV.

The first item was finishing this top Mom and I had started at her house in May - the borders are on and the binding is already cut and sewn.

Second, I pieced this top from donated Chinese Coins sections for the HeartStrings Quilt Project.

Third, I trimmed my aunt's quilt, made her binding, and machine stitched it on for her - it's ready to ship back to NC now.

I doubt whether I'll feel like loading a quilt tonight but I'm please with my progress.


Jeanne said...

Excellent progress today on your 'to do' list! The coin top looks great as does the green one that you and your mom started. You are an inspiration.

Tazzie said...

Wow Mary, you're really motoring thru your to do list. You're so inspiring!

Vicky said...

Waytago, Mary! You stuck with your plan and have lots to show as a result!

The top is wonderful!

Gail said...

Boy, you sure are making great progress, and as usual, your quilts are terrific.

cher said...

you must feel pleased to have accomplished so much-way to go Mary!

Helen in the UK said...

What great progress - congrats to you on such a productive day :)

meggie said...

I think your sheer energy has washed over here to me, & I have got started again, after a long slump!
Love your quils.

dot said...

I just ove this quilt. You certainly have been busy.