Friday, September 12, 2008

Deborah's HeartStrings quilt

I loaded top #4 tonight and couldn't resist starting to quilt. This HeartStrings top was pieced by Deborah and sent to me to quilt and donate. I'm using the Stylized Floral Stipple from the Pajama Quilter DVD and I think it's looking great!

This quilt is a great example of how pretty a controlled color scheme can be in a string quilt but you'll have to wait until it's quilted and bound to see the entire quilt. You can click on the photo to see a closer view of the quilting.

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tirane93 said...


Jeanne said...

The sneak peek looks wonderful!

Micki said...

I like your Heartstrings quilt and all of your log. Anna told me about your blog, and I love it.
In Ireland

Leanne said...

OOh I do like this quilt - looking forward to seeing it in full.

It was soo nice to see Tristan with his quilt. You are a lovely lady - the world needs more Mary's in it.

I've moved my home in blog world to blogspot - I am now able to leave comments easier GRIN.

Love Leanne NZ

Gypsy Quilter said...

Great color combo. Love those swirls. Yet another wonderful quilt.

Anonymous said...

wow..awesome machine you use a regular sewing machine? or a long arm to quilt. Your use of colors is so delightful enjoy seeing your quilts so inspirational. DEB};o

Rachel said...

This yellow and blue heartstrings is one of my favorites of yours. Do you have a picture of the whole thing after you finished the quiling? I often go back through all your quilt pictures to get ideas of color schemes and quilt patterns. Thanks for posting all the pics!