Saturday, September 13, 2008

I finally bought the safety pins

Found - two hours later! It had fallen behind the table but not all the way to the floor. What a waste of time.

.....and now I can't find my Wonky Tree top anywhere. I was ready to layer it a couple weeks ago and couldn't find the safety pins (hadn't seen them since the move). I moved it off the sewing table when I started making the latest set of HeartStrings blocks and now can't find it anywhere.

It doesn't even make sense to me that it's gone - I wouldn't have put it away anywhere since I was all set to layer and quilt it.

I know you can't help me find it but I just wanted to whine. I hate it that my memory is getting so bad.

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grace said...

Hi Mary

is it possible that you moved a bunch of stuff and it attached itself to that .. I know that happens here - move something and it decides it wants to go with it .. i find it with the stuff I had moved

hope you find it ..


Stephanie D. said...

It's the gremlins. They come and move my things when I'm asleep, and apparently they travel.

Deb said...

OMG...don't even talk about memory..or lack there of. I lost my car keys for 2 days this week! Talk about feeling stupid!

tirane93 said...

what do you want to bet it's in the same stack with my black and tan vine print fabric that i lost a couple of months ago and still can't find!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I'm with Stephanie--gremlins!

Vicki W said...

Thank God it doesn't only happen to me!

Patti said...

Sounds just like me! Remember that little Rene Plains quilt top that I lost? Hunted and hunted everywhere for it and finally gave up? And then found it in my drawer of 1 1/2" strips? At least where you lost yours makes sense. I still have absolutely no idea how the top got in that drawer!