Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HeartStrings Block Party

Our HeartStrings block inventory is low so I've decided it's time for a Block Party. We're going to be sewing HeartStrings blocks to send in for group quilts this weekend. We're asking for everyone to join us in making blocks according to our guidelines that will be combined with other blocks into quilts and donated.

The center strips can be BLUE, RED, or GREEN.

If anyone wants to join us - you can make 1 or 100 blocks, all contributions are appreciated - please email me for the address to mail blocks.

Email me


Anonymous said...

when do you need these by Mary?? I might be able to whack off a few in a bit .. I have a nice stash built up just for string quilts ..


Julia said...

Is there a particular date that you like them by? I have lots of strips that I was getting ready to make into string blocks. As I do mine like yours a could make a few and send to you.

julieQ said...

I will try to make some too Mary, please send me the address...

Clare said...

Someone sent me a bag full of red and white strips. I'll make you up some blocks. Is there a deadline?