Sunday, November 30, 2008

A little of this, a little of that

I mentioned yesterday that Keith and I took a walk. There's a loop that takes us down past the new US Headquarters for his company and across the river. This first photo is of the new office - it's scheduled to be ready for them to move in sometime in April.

Here's a view of the Minneapolis skyline as we crossed the bridge.
Chesty made himself a comfy spot this evening pushing the quilt on top of the pillow and climbing on top.
With just hours to spare, I finished quilting the 10th top for November. This one was pieced by Deborah and it's quilted with a swirling/dwirling pattern inspired by the Pajama Quilter DVD.
Keith put up some lights today - unfortunately he's going to have to redo part of them because the icicles are two different sizes and he didn't happen to notice it.

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love that MPLS skyline... beautiful quilt! 10 for nov! well done!

Anonymous said...

That is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen! I am in love with the colors! WOW!

Pam said...

How fun those pillowslips are! 16~WOW good job!!

Congrats on 10 for November! How fun to put lights around your deck...festive!


Nancy said...

Your productivity continues to amaze me!

The muted fall colors in the quilt are very attractive.

Congratulations on meeting your goal and making all the pillowcases, too. Excellent!

Susan D said...

10 quilts for Nov! Great job-- and the pillowcases, too. You're my inspiration-- keep up the great work. And I just love the dwirling design-- I'm going to have to give it a go. And then Keith got the lights up-- they're beautiful, whatever the size.

Judy said...

Wow Mary, thanks for the close-up of your swirly pattern. I'm loving that design and I hope to find the right quilt to try it out on. Might be tougher with a domestic machine but I think I can make it work! Thanks loads!