Monday, January 05, 2009

#1 of 10 is quilted

The light is not the best for taking photos in my longarm room at 3AM although the track lighting provides great light for quilting late at night.

Quilted with a swirling/dwirling variation from the Pajama Quilter DVD, this HeartStrings top was pieced by the St. Mary's quilters in CT and is the first one of 10 tops that I plan to quilt in January. By finished, I mean the will go upstairs and wait it's turn for binding!

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Gypsy Quilter said...

What a lovely soft green. And I remember a similar stripe fabric that was from the 70's. Congrats on another great finish.

Anonymous said...

Why are you up at 3 am quilting? That's how you get so much done, on little sleep. Love the quilt and the quilting. The string blocks are so much fun to make.
Diane in Alaska


holy cow! your a MACHINE! crankin them out! I'm tryin to get my motor goin over here! Looks aweosme!

doni said...

What a great start to the year! Once again - I'm up in Portland babysitting! So no time in the sewing room this week! Next week ... I'll get it reorganized - you're an inspiration.

doni usually @ Oregon coast - in Portland

mau said...

can't believe how fast you are...just unbelivable. That is so pretty.

Barb said...

Mary, you are my hero! I love checking in on you each day, because you are such an inspiration! When I grow up ~ I want to be just like you! Have a great day, and happy quilting!

Nanci said...

Ah Mary I feel guilty when I get up early, but you take the cake. Admit it you got up in the middle of the night!
Do you, by the way finish off the quilts or have little elves that stitch the final bindings?

Anonymous said...

congrats on finishes for this year already .. you are flying Mary!!

i was going to say something else but i'm to tired and my brain just flat-lined. ah well