Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Are you easily influenced?

In general I feel I pretty much march to the beat of my own drum - I can be rather single minded, almost obsessive at times but I don't consider myself easily influenced by what others around me are doing. So why did I grab this book instead of a mystery novel today when I headed out to the coffee shop and lunch? I'll blame Suzanne (she's also the one who influenced me to explore the digital photography/scrapbooking classes).

I bought this book in September on our trip to NY/DC when we visited the MET and the National Gallery of Art when I realized how little I actually know about art. I have looked at the pretty pictures but until today, hadn't taken time to READ it.

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tami said...

I wouldn't call it easily influenced because you don't take up everything that comes along. I think she just sparked an interest in something new for you.
I am always trying new things. Gets me into trouble. Especially on the purchasing front.


hmmm, Your on a creative flow. Enjoy it. You craving more inspiration, and what better to learn from the masters on color and composition! And what inspires them! I'm off to MOMA today, Museum of Modern art. Just for that reason.

Suzanne Earley said...

hey! what did I do? why is this one my fault???

i figure it's only fair, since it's your fault i had to make a log cabin quilt last march. and i'm pretty sure you are to blame for some other stuff, too.


YankeeQuilter said...

There is a history and vocabulary to art that is useful to know...gives confidence. Enjoy the book. I envy you a good local coffee shop. Mine is on the kitchen counter....

Lori in South Dakota said...

how do you like the book?