Thursday, January 08, 2009

Working but no photos

I've been doing my quilting chores today - bindings and backings.

Bindings were made for 4 quilts and machine stitched on, and I've got the hand stitching almost done on the first one. Backings pieced for two tops and a HeartStrings backing pieced by Sheree pulled for a 3rd quilt. I had to buy fabric for 2 of the bindings because I didn't have anything that worked but I pulled from stash for the other two and the two backings.

Tomorrow I'll need to get another quilt loaded on the longarm and started.

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Kathie said...

getting bindings done is a good thing!
keep going !!!!
I read your sister is going to retire and quilt again for herself, good for her!
Her work is beautiful and I am sure she will be missed but I think it is great she is stepping back and she will be quilting for herself again.